This Photoshoot Did Not Go To Plan....

It was meant to be a lovely family photoshoot, but then one of the parents' young children jumped into the nearby pond.

"Family photo shoot gone wrong." the mum wrote on Facebook.

"And the award for 'I bet I can be a worse toddler than the rest of them' goes to Lincoln Mizzles. He jumped in the pond during our photo shoot. Good job bubby, you outdid yourself dude. 100% not scripted."

Family 1.jpg
Family 2.jpg
Family 3.jpg

The photographer shared the photos on her Facebook page with her own wee message...
"Sometimes you photograph toddlers, and sometimes they jump into ponds. I had a blast photographing this family, even though 2 out of the 5 members got drenched in nasty pond water."

Family 4.jpg
Michelle Keighley