Popular Baby Names For 2019

Since we're more than half way through the year, we've got some idea as to what baby names will be the most popular for 2019!

The list is made up of some names which are a bit more out of the box and others that are a bit more traditional.

Check out the list below...

Girls Names:

  1. Posie

  2. Isla

  3. Olivia

  4. Aurora

  5. Maeve

  6. Cora

  7. Amara

  8. Ada

  9. Amelia

  10. Charlotte

Boys Names:

  1. Milo

  2. Jasper

  3. Atticus

  4. Theodore

  5. Asher

  6. Silas

  7. Jack

  8. Finn

  9. Henry

  10. Felix

Has your name made the list?

Michelle Keighley