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GNS Science Severance Application Denied

GNS Science's application to be tried separately from the other defendants, has been denied.

They're among several parties, charged with alleged health and safety breaches, before the 2019 eruption.

It's charged with failing to ensure the safety of the helicopter pilots it hired, to take its workers to White Island.

GNS Science has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Judge Evangelos Thomas told the Whakatāne District Court, everyone involved has waited far too long.

Judge Thomas says, the busy court schedule meant a separate trial would not take place until late next year.

In a statement, GNS Science acknowledges the decision to deny the severance application.

"The 2019 eruption was – and continues to be – a significant event for GNS Science and Aotearoa New Zealand," a spokesperson says.

The spokesperson also says, GNS Science will not say anything further, as the legal process continues, so as to avoid impacting a fair judicial process for all involved parties.

The trial begins in July.

The charges don't relate to the events of the eruption of the rescue efforts.


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