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Strong Number Of Eastern Bay Candidates In 2022 Bay Of Plenty Regional Council Elections

There's a strong candidate field for this year's Bay of Plenty Regional Council elections.

Current Kawerau Mayor, Malcolm Campbell; former Whakatāne Councillor, Russell Orr; Regional Council Chair, Doug Leeder; Mawera Karetai and Sarah van der Boom are the five candidates going for the two Eastern Bay seats.

17 people will have a crack for the five Tauranga seats, which include former Tauranga Mayor, Stuart Crosby

Kawerau's Radhika Dahya is also running for Regional Council as one of five candidates for Rotorua's two general seats.

Toi Kai Rakau Iti will seek re-election for the Kōhi Māori seat, and Buddy Mikaere and Matemoana McDonald will go for the Mauao seat.

Kōhi covers the Eastern Bay while Mauao is based around Tauranga and the Western Bay.

Raina Meha and Te Taru White will contest the Okurei seat with it's area based around Rotorua.

Four candidates will go for the two Western Bay seats, including deputy chair Jane Nees.

Voting papers will be sent out next month and closes at midday on Saturday October 8th.


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