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Severance Hearing Decision Expected Today

GNS Science will find out this morning, if Worksafe's charge against them will be tried seperately.

It follows, yesterday's severance hearing in the Whakatane District Court.

GNS Science, are one of several parties charged, for alleged health and safety failures before the 2019 eruption.

They're charged with failing to ensure the safety of the helicopter pilots it hired, to take its workers to the island.

GNS lawyer, Rachael Reed says, their charges are separate from other defendants, as its unrelated to the eruption.

Reed says, joint defenders should be tried together, and separate defenders should be tried separately.

Worksafe has opposed GNS Science's application.

Prosecutor, Kirsty McDonald says, the charges are linked to the other defendants.

The alleged breach cover the period from March 4th 2016, to December 10th 2019, the day after the eruption.

McDonald says, GNS's charge covers the same time period as the other defendants.

Judge Evangelos Thomas will deliver his decision at around 11am.

The charges don't relate to the events of the eruption or the rescue efforts.


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