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Aerocool Rescue Helicopter Complete Three Winch Missions Across BOP Over The Weekend

It was a busy weekend for the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter with three winch missions within the Bay of Plenty coastal and surrounding regions.


On Saturday afternoon (January 20th), the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter (IRU relief) was tasked to Mauao for a woman in her 40s who was suffering from a serious medical event and subsequent fall on the summit track, resulting in multiple injuries.

"Surf Life Saving tended to the patients first aid before the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter crew winched her off the track and flew her to Tauranga Hospital for further treatment." a spokesperson says.


The Aerocool Rescue Helicopter was then sent to Kohi Point in Whakatāne later that evening, after a teenage female had lost her footing off a rock and sustained injuries. The helicopter winched the patient off the rocks and flew her to Whakatāne Hospital for further treatment.


Yesterday (January 21st), the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter was sent to Te Puke after a male in his 20s had fallen onto rocks from a significant height. "The Aerocool Rescue Helicopter landed nearby, and after careful assessment, it was determined that a winch operation was necessary due to the patient's injuries and location." a spokesperson says.

The patient was prepped for winch and was hoisted off the stream edge and airlifted to Tauranga Hospital for further treatment.


Image: Aerocool Rescue Helicopter.

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